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Water is the future’s gold! Climate change and growth of the world’s population will cause more and more pressure on water supplies. It’s necessary to use water wisely.

The Waterville® project grew from a co-operation between Love Tomorrow and the University of Antwerp, and is supported by VITO, a leading European independent research and technology organisation. Waterville® makes it possible to monitor the usage of water in your household/company. This gives you an insight into how much water is used and at what time of day. It gives you real-time information on how to reduce your water consumption.

This innovative tool allowed the festival to reduce water consumption at DreamVille (the Tomorrowland campsite) by 20% in year one. It also made festival-goers aware of their water use, allowing them to focus on changing behaviour in the near future, not only during the festival, but also in their daily lives.


Waterville®: it’s all about measuring, influencing and creating awareness about water-use behaviour

Measuring: The water use at the festival and its campsite could overload the local network. Therefore, buffers with fresh water are installed to avoid any stress on the network. In the past the size of these buffers was based on rough estimations, which resulted in a lack of water or a surplus that was wasted when not used.

The network of water pipelines has been equipped with all kinds of meters, providing real-time data on actual water consumption in the different areas, even tracing leakages and people forgetting to turn off a tap or shower. The taps can be opened or closed remotely.

By doing this, Tomorrowland will be able to reduce the buffer of fresh drinking water for DreamVille by 200m³ for the 2018 edition.

Influence behaviour: Several showers at the campsite are equipped with a special shower system, reducing the amount of water used. In 2017 an estimated 3,000 people used these showers. The experiment will be extended for the 2018 edition.

Create awareness: ‘SAFE WATER FOR TOMORROW’ is the key message to all the guests, motivating them to think about their behaviour without having to compromise on comfort.



Every festival season, tons and tons of camping gear, often still in good condition, is left behind and goes to waste, creating an impressive (negative) ecological footprint.

Camp 2 Camp is an ambitious game-changing project which aims to make festival camping a circular activity with a minimal environmental impact and a maximum added value for society.

Two key objectives:

  1. Reduce the amount of camping equipment left behind by informing the guests of the importance of taking home their camping equipment and waste.
  2. Collect and re-use the camping equipment left behind.


Don’t waste ‒ rent!

DreamVille collects all camping equipment that’s left behind and still usable. This equipment is cleaned and repaired.

Afterwards the equipment can be rented by youth movements, organisations working with disadvantaged youngsters etc… This way, people with limited financial resources will be able to enjoy a camping holiday, and kids with no equipment of their own will be able to go to summer camp.

In 2018, DreamVille will collaborate with Egasia, a non-profit organisation. After the festival all camping equipment that’s still usable and has been left behind will be collected. A social workplace will then sort through it and repair items if necessary.

Do something good today, that tomorrow will thank you for.

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