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Changing the way we think about waste: Waste is not just disposable objects: it’s a source of renewable items and materials. Waste is not something to be got rid of as soon as possible in any way. Making people aware that most of their waste is a source of renewable materials ‒ if they recycle!

So DreamVille and Tomorrowland created The Recycle Club, making recycling fun, easy and accessible. 


The Recycle Club consists of:

The Recycle KIT:

Upon arrival, all guests staying at DreamVille (the campsite at Tomorrowland) receive a ‘Recycle Kit’. This small box contains information on how to sort your waste and three waste bags for three types of waste; a grey, white or blue bag.

Once the bags are full visitors can just put them at one of the central waste points near the campsite and they’ll be collected.

The box is made out of recyclable paper containing flower seeds.


The Recycle TEAM:

This team of friendly boys and girls makes sure the Holy Grounds of Tomorrowland and DreamVille remain clean and will respond to all questions regarding waste and recycling. They also hand out extra recycle kits and waste bags.


The Recycle CLUBHOUSE:

This is the headquarters of the Recycle Club. This fun-looking house is situated in a central and easy-to-find location in DreamVille. It contains lots of information on how to recycle and keep the campsite clean in a very fun and informal way. It’s fully part of the camping and festival experience.



Curious about what’s possible if you recycle wisely?

Hero of The Recycle Clubhouse is the 3D printer. He makes great stuff out of granulates derived from recycled PET bottles and plastic!

Did you know?

- All plates, napkins and cutlery used to serve food are bio-degradable.

- All cups used to serve cold drinks are made of fully-recyclable PET. This material can be transformed into granulates and re-used.

- PMD (plastics, metal and drink packaging) are allowed as they can be recycled.




Tomorrowland succeeded in reducing our fossil fuel consumption by 20% in one year (from 2015 to 2016). 

By strictly monitoring the consumption of fossil fuel and taking actions such as:

  1. using low-energy power generators,
  2. smart grid installations to monitor the use of fossil fuel power installations,
  3. creating awareness among the staff who use these installations about the impact they have.



In recent years Tomorrowland has evolved from using chemical toilets to using vacuum toilets. These vacuum toilets have proved to be the best option as their disposal system does not harm nature, unlike chemical toilets, and uses only 1.2 litres of water per usage compared to 9 litres for a chemical toilet.

In this way Tomorrowland succeeded in finding the right balance between festival-goers’ comfort and their impact on the environment.


FAUNA & FLORA         

A study on the fauna and flora of both Tomorrowland and DreamVille showed that the Holy Grounds are shared with the living and breeding area of a specific type of toad. This toad turned out to be a highly endangered species.

In cooperation with the government agency for nature and forest management, DreamVille re-created a whole new living area for the toad at a safe distance from the festival. The result is that the population is thriving like never before and has multiplied by five!




Do something good today, that tomorrow will thank you for.

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