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Projects responsibility

The FlowerBin  ̶ making waste bins more attractive and fun to use!

Have you ever noticed how hard it often is to find a waste bin on the street the moment you need one? City planners try to make them as ‘invisible’ as possible in order to have them blend into the street view. And if you have found one, you discover that all types of waste need to be thrown into the same bin. How do they manage the sorting and recycling afterwards?

At Tomorrowland they were confronted with similar issues:

  1. Make the bins on the festival site more visible, present and attractive to use without spoiling the beautiful decoration and atmosphere.
  2. Provide the visitors with the possibility of separating their waste and make it easier to recycle after collecting.

This resulted in the creation of the ‘FlowerBins’.

Waste bins were made more attractive and part of the festival decoration. This allowed more of them to be placed in very central and visible locations.

The result…

  1. Reducing the quantities of trash thrown on the ground and increasing the quantities of trash thrown in the bins by a significant amount.
  2. Easy to separate and recycle the different types of trash after collecting them.

Tomorrowland made this experience and know-how available to local governments, helping villages and cities, both large and small, to change people’s perceptions on waste and waste bins. Attractive and visible design and innovative technologies as well as waste separation are the key ingredients. 

For the 2018 edition, Tomorrowland is taking its project a step further and introducing a new project called THE CALYX!


Do something good today, that tomorrow will thank you for.

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